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Saturday, July 1, 2017 – Eyes on Somalia – Historians refer to the he year1960 as the Year of Africa because of a series of events that took place during the year, namely the independence of seventeen African nations that highlighted the growing Pan-African sentiments in the continent.

Between January and December 1960, 17 sub-Saharan African nations, including Somalia, gained independence from their former European colonialists. In the chronological list of independence, Somalia took place in the 5th position after Cameroun, Togo, Madagascar, and Congo Kinshasa, now Democratic Republic of Congo. The rise to independence of 17 African countries in 1960 is in part the result of long process that began fifteen years earlier in the tumult of World War Two.

Independence Celebrations, Egyptian threat to spoil the party

As expected, all was set to make the Independence celebrations, extending from 1st to 4th July, a momentous political event. Official invitations were sent out to foreign dignitaries to attend the celebrations. The Somali government took on the burden of offering free accommodation and some limited transport facilities to the foreign guests. Owing to severe logistic constraints, sending countries were requested to limit the size of the official delegations attending the celebrations to 3 members. Read the rest of this entry »


A One Somalia Policy

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IMG_7080A One Somalia Policy

Wednesday 22 March 2017 – Ethics MORALS Values – Sovereignty is an unspoken rule that shows the length of a countries independence. Recent developments like the unauthorized visit of Uhuru Kenyatta to Dhoobly, Somalai are a clear sign that Somalia is not a free nation as it appears. The Somali government and specifically the Ministry of Foreign affairs is being dealt a blow at every corner of diplomacy in which the disregarding of Somalia’s sovereignty is a norm. It is genuinely even more disappointing when we see time and time again that all protocols and laws are broken by all countries and organizations when it comes to Somalia’s internal and external affairs. Read the rest of this entry »